Your Scalp & Soul

Cherish and nurture the beauty you have already been blessed with.

Welcome to K's - Japanese Head Spa.

– Cairns, Far North Queensland-

The head spa experience involves cleansing, gentle massage and nurturing of your scalp while laying on a comfortable bed attached to a shampoo basin.

We treat your sacred head with respect by utilising soda water and hands as well as  beautiful vegan hair products chosen for your needs.

Your experience at K’s is not just a relaxation but rather a  journey on nourishing inner health and outer beauty.

K's is.

Japanese philosophy & ethics based.

At K’s, our whole experience is based on simplicity, harmony and tranquility. Rather than adding something or changing originality, we cherish and nurture the beauty you have already been blessed with. Learn More

Toxic Free

We use only the very best in sustainable and pure botanical hair and scalp care products which nourish you without harming our mother earth. 
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Zen Styled Private Space

K’s is a small boutique salon in a cosy quiet laneway. The space was created with “Timeless” in mind with custom made furnishings and natural materials for you to be able to totally reset. 


We ask you to select your own scent, shampoo & conditioner for the treatment and  a complimentary refreshment.
Counselling sheet including your horoscope (to determine 4 Elements theory) will be kept to perform the best suited treatment for you.  . 


We stimulate different parts of the head which corresponds to different parts of the body (Japanese shiatsu-massage). So the head massage benefits not only the scalp but also overall health.


Located in the heart of Cairns city – enables you to get totally refreshed during your lunch break or spare time, before or after tours. (booking required for us to provide you the best service).
No fuss – you don’t need to get changed to the spa gown or take make up off.  

Head Spa


Because the scalp continues to the facial skin, head massage helps to reduce facial skin sagginess. It give a natural face lift and radient complexion.  Also, neck and shoulder lymphatic drainage theory based massage helps to reduce puffiness of the face, give it a sharper outline, as well as making the neck smoother and firmer .


Lots of us approach HAIR to improve issues such as loss, damages, no shine etc while neglecting the scalp. However, remember that healthy, beautiful plants only grow on healthy soil.  The scalp is the soil for your hair.
Our “Soda” gel and water  not only removes oil stains, excess sebum (scalp oils), dirt and dead skin cells but also helps to stimulate blood circulation and helps transport oxygen and nutrients into the hair roots.  A clean scalp promotes healthy-looking hair with great volume. It is also proven that the carbonated hot water removes alkalinity which most perm & hair colour products promote, then returns the hair to its original mildly acidic condition. It treats damaged hair from chemical treatment or hair colouring, and leaves the hair with a beautiful finish.

In Japan, the hands have been treated as a gift to boost human’s natural healing ability. (Reiki for example).  Gentle hand massage around brain will relieve tension in the central nervous system which promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity.

Soda water (we use for the treatment) gives you the same therapeutic effects as carbonate hot springs which are recognised by medical experts for excellence in blood circulation, boosting immunity and balancing pH on the skin (it is even covered by health insurance in Germany!). 

Living in your head disconnects you from your body and from grounding yourself. A head spa directly yet gently works on your crown & the third eye chakras so that you will be more deeply aligned with your highest good. As a result, it will help you to be centred and more aware of your perspective on life. Clearing your head will also help improve your work performance.
Approaching the brain by gentle touch promotes autonomic nerve function which provides a deep relaxation like no other.

For Who

Especially if you would like to improve the conditions below.

  • dandruff
  • itchiness
  • redness/rash
  • stinging
  • aging odor
  • oily
  • tiredness
  • brain fog
  • poor sleep quality
  • eyestrain (from watching phone, computer)
  • sore shoulder/ neck
  • mild or regular headache
  • dull tone
  • eye bags
  • sagginess
  • puffiness
  • hair loss
  • dull hair
  • UV damage
  • flat hair
  • breakage

or if you simply want to


coming !