WHAT K’s Head spa offers.

Blissful head treatment at K’s is a journey on
clearing your mind and making your inner space match your outer beauty.

  • All experiences conclude with a blow dry (natural finish). Duration may extend for long hair.
  • Gentlemen’s and couple bookings are available on Mondays & Thursdays.
Quick Menu Selection

If you are not sure which menu is suitable for you, we can select upon arrival consultation. 

Scalp & Hair Rejuvenation

A journey to restore healthy, beautiful and strong hair from the inside out.

Your scalp will be monitored by our microscope , then deeply cleansed with our signature soda gel tailored to each individual, promoting blood circulation & removing excess skin cells and oil for healthy hair growth.  Then, you will enjoy a gentle flow of sparkling warm water through your hair, followed by a heavenly head massage and soothing combing with pure botanical  shampoo & conditioner, selected to suit your current scalp & hair conditions.  While your hair is nurtured, indulge yourself in shiatsu (Japanese traditional acupressure massage) on your head, the whole time being embraced by a luxurious natural aroma. The journey is completed with a head massage with specially blended scalp nourishing oil/toner  as well as a shoulder & neck massage.

60min:  $121  / Couple : $222
80min: $165 (+ deep hair treatment & hand massage)

For the first visit, we ask that you arrive 5 min prior to your appointment to complete our consultation form.

Clarity & Serenity

More massage-focused to reset your brain, and relieve your eyes/neck from tensions often caused by our world full of computer & phone screens. 

Enjoy a head massage with cool soda gel which deeply cleanses / exfoliates your scalp, followed by a shampoo and conditioning treatment with locally grown & produced Moringa (also called “miracle tree” for its health benefits) organic hair products which have a refreshing lemongrass aroma. While leaving in the conditioner, we work on pressure points and muscles around your eyes to relieve tension with our specially handmade gua-sha made in Japan. Your head will feel lighter after this !

60min:  $121  / Couple : $222

Mini Retreat

For busy people who need a quick refresh. (Hair wash and quick massage )

30min:  $71.5

Organic Henna - Nature Blessed Hair Dye & Treatment

A natural, gentle way to dye grey hair that nourishes your scalp and hair at the same time.

Is your scalp irritated from chemical hair colouring ? Try Henna ! a plant that has been used for wellbeing/medicinal treatments and hair care for hundreds of years in South Asia, the Middle East and Egypt.
Enjoy the blessing of henna, which is way more than just a hair dye – it also works to deeply and naturally nourish your hair and scalp.  Your grey hair will be dyed to an orange-ish brown colour*, and the rest will be coated by a layer of henna that leaves the hair shiny and voluminous. Frizzy hair will become manageable, dry hair will be moisturised, and flat hair will regain body. Unlike chemical hair dye, the more you apply, the healthier your scalp & hair become.

Head massage with Ayurvedic herbal oil + Henna Application + Rinsing + Hair conditioning + Blow dry (90-100min)
Full head   Short Hair $154 / Medium Hair  $170.5 / Long Hair  $187
Regrowth  $132

Hair beautification premium tickets:
3 tickets >> $55 OFF of total cost.  Valid for 120 days from the 1st appointment.

No massage, rinsing, conditioning or blow dry.  Please bring head covering to go home with. (Approx. 40min)
Full head: Short Hair $99 / Medium Hair  $115.5 / Long Hair: $132
Regrowth  $77

Length Guide:
Short Hair = up to chin / Medium Hair = chin to armpit / Long Hair = below armpit
Regrowth = up to 5cm from hair roots

Please note:
We have carefully sourced high quality, organic henna, however, it is a pure plant powder, and some people show allergic reactions. If you are concerned, we recommend a patch test 48 hours prior to applying to your hair. Please read here before making a 1st booking.

Holistic Bliss Henna Spa

Detoxifying from scalp to toe. A retreat that transcends you to a mentally, physically well-harmonised being.  

We start with an anti-oxidant enhanced botanical oil head massage, then your whole head will be coated by organic rose powder blended henna which nourishes your scalp & hair deeply. While leaving the henna to work, relax with a lymph drainage neck, shoulder and relaxing hand massage alongside a henna foot bath to detoxify your body. Prior to rinsing off the henna, lay down on the bed attached to the shampoo basin for another head massage focused on energy flow. After rinsing off the henna, we condition your hair with our natural conditioner. This is an organic yet modern, lux way to maintain your holistic wellness and reflect it to your radiant outer beauty.   


Approx. 120min   $230
Short hair (above chin) : $208
Long hair (below armpit) : $240


Aroma therapeutic Hand Massage $20

Gently massage your hands and lower arms with premium jojoba oil with choice of your preferred essential oil. (already included in Scalp & Hair Rejuvenation 80min)

Intense Hair Treatment $35

Using our vegan special hair treatment product ( either “Nourishing” : repair or strengthen very damaged hair, or “Nurturing”: moisturises or reinvigorates frizzy or unmanageable hair) with Japanese State of Art, microscopic fine mist machine which opens up hair cuticle layers for deep conditioning. (already included in Scalp & Hair Rejuvenation 80min)