Are you feeling a bit hectic towards End of the financial year ?

Especially if you are a small business owner or in the management role, you may feel like some relaxing time to refresh your mind, more than usual.

Head Spa is quite unique as a well being treatment.  It nurtures not only the scalp & hair but also does to the brain & eyes. (They are part of our head!)

We thought your eyes might need a relief from computer screens.  That eases stiff neck/shoulders, too.

In this package, we focus on relieving your eye strain as well as clearing your mind with water & pure botanical healing power.

You are selecting 1 essential oil out of 3.

That oil will embrace you from our mist diffuser, and warm eye pillow will cover your eyes gently. The weight of the eye pillow helps stimulating the nervous system and helps the body naturally produce serotonin and melatonin, all of which can improve mood and create a sense of calm.

Once your eyes are well rested, you will enjoy gentle neck muscle (the area support eye function)  massage followed by shiatsu around eyes massage.

Clear mind can be achieved from scalp deep cleansing and hair wash.

We will apply cleansing gel to your scalp to remove excess oil or build ups, then use microscopic nano mist to open the pore before shampoo. It is an extra care that hard to achieve at home.

Head, neck, shoulder massage, blow dry included.

Hope you will enjoy the treatment and your work performance improves after !

70min   $121

*Gentleman’s booking available for Mondays and Thursdays.
*Please select “EOFY package” under “Seasonal Special” at online booking.
*Ends 30 June. 2022